Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Check out Hernan Rodriguez H.P. Lovecraft Visiones

When I read Lovecraft's work I get the weirdest emotional responses from it. There times where I would be enjoying one of his stories and out of nowhere, it might be a single sentence or paragraph, I'd get angry or bored at it, quit reading it and not go back to it for a while. Reading his work has been a bizarre struggle but I have read most it and have enjoyed most it. Though, I love the adaptions and the influences he's had on other writers more than his work. I love reading works from Ligotti, Barron, Pugmire, Strantzas, Ballingrud, Cisco, and a whole list of other writers. And I really enjoy the cheesy movies they've made from Lovecraft and the comics we see pop-up every Halloween or year. So when I came across Rodriguez's Lovecraft work, it was like something clicked inside me and I feel in love with his work;  it tickled my Lovecraft & Horror funnybone.

I came across his works from my days of surfing 4chan's paranormal board, /x/. Someone posted his comics on the board and reading them was a revelation. They gave me the same fright as reading a Lovecraft story. Rodriguez completely understands what makes Lovecraft's work so scary to readers and he knows how to adapt that to comics. He knows how to pace, give and take away from a Lovecraft story and to turn it into a comic and it doesn't take away from the original source.

It also helps that Rodriguez is a hell of an artist. He's one of the few artists out there that can do horror and do horror correctly. He knows the Horror genre--he came out with an amazing graphic novel last year called Black Fire, check it--what makes it tick and it's tropes and turn it on it's head and takes it inside out. It's absolutely fabulous to read, even if you're not a Horror fan.


You're in luck, Rodriguez has posted some of his Lovecraft work online:

Also, Heavy Metal has printed some of his Lovecraft works and there's a HC out there that collects both volumes of Visiones, in English. If you can't get any those, just get Visiones and if you know Spanish, check it. After that, buy anything that has his name including Black Fire that got released by Archaia.

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