Monday, November 25, 2013

Room For Love by ILYA

In the eventful first couple of pages that quite literally suck us straight into the story we get to know Irish lad Cougar. At least that’s the name our young protagonist goes by in most of this book. He gets by on his wits and his looks, but what is the meaning of it all? Where is the love?

Pamela, a middle-class and middle-aged woman asks herself the same question. She’s had a marriage that didn’t last, has no children, suffers from loneliness and asks herself the greater questions in life. What’s the meaning of it all? Where is the love?

Pamela’s written a couple of bestseller romantic novels, but lacks inspiration to write yet another one, much to the dismay of her publisher who compares her to other writers that have already released multiple books since Pamela's last published work.

Due to certain circumstances Pamela invites Cougar to stay at her house, no strings attached. Quickly things grow a little further than Pamela expected, but she doubts whether the feelings she has for Cougar are mutual, and are simply transactional from his side. Will her experience lead to that much needed inspiration she needs to get to start on that new novel? And will both Cougar and Pamela find that much needed love in their lives?

I loved reading this graphic novel. I haven't read anything by ILYA before, but he's written quite some interesting stories so far, much of which I really want to read now that I've read Room For Love. Some of his other works are a story he wrote for Oscar Zarate's anthology "It's Dark In London", the award winning graphic novel series "The End of the Century Club" or his "King Lear" adaption that was also published by SelfMadeHero.

What I enjoyed so much is that ILYA really takes you along for the ride with these characters. It's written in quite a mundane way and I don't mean that as a negativeness. The story is lineair, but that doesn't mean it's boring. In fact it's very down to earth, and it's easy to understand the motivations of the characters. This book is funny, but is emotional at times too. ILYA really found the right balance here. Room For Love is also eventful and some might find some passages a little too eventful and graphic. Not me however, I had a good laugh and I read something I haven't already read many times before in some other way. This book is naughty and highly recommended.

Room For Love is published by SelfMadeHero | £14.99 | ISBN: 9781906838720

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