Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advance Review - District 14: Season 2 by Pierre Gabus & Romuald Reutimann

Once again, Gabus & Reutimann do the impossible with District 14: Season Two. They raised the bar high in Season One, but in Season Two they not only to get over the bar, but they raise it even higher. time has passed since Season One and we're introduced to two new character. As we continue to read, these characters become essential to Season Two and they add depth to a character that wasn't given too much thought in Season One. This is something we will come across in Season Two, the small things in Season One are now important and expanded on in Season Two. We also continue the story of Hector, Vanita, Michael, Bigoodee, The Telegraph, and the aftermath of their actions in Season One. Gabus & Reutimann also introduce a lot of new characters and concepts in Season Two. These characters and concepts become very important and move narrative forward, tie up loose ends and change attitudes and prejudices of the main characters.

District 14 has always been about the journey of its characters with relation to their place in the city. In Season One, we were exploring new areas through the eyes of Michael with Hector as a tour guide. Gabus & Reutimann were introducing a new world to their readers, so there had to be a feeling of exuberance, ecstasy and that unique feeling of being in a new place and exploring it for the first time.  Now that we've moved past those feelings and have an idea what District 14 is as a city, Season Two slows down and becomes more about fleshing out its characters, their motivations, the city and closing up loose ends that Season One had. In each page, Gabus & Reutimann are building off the foundations they've place in Season One for a more rich and nuanced reading experience. & Reutimann are also peeling away at the layers of District 14, revealing the mechanics of the city and showing us makes it ticks. We start to see how the economy and certain government branches are run. Gabus & Reutimann show us different areas and businesses of city and how the citizens in those areas affect the overall picture in District 14, and how the city takes to those changes and evolves because of those changes. We're also shown the alien ghetto that was talking about in Season One and we explore their place in the city and how that too, affects how the city is run.

The characters are also given space to bea fleshed out. Actions and motivations that puzzled us in Season One are now explained in Season Two. Certain characters' background that were hinted upon in Season One are now fully explored. Our main characters are slowly changing as the story progresses. Hector is slowly getting used to Belinda's death, Michael's disease is tearing him apart and making him violent, Vanita becomes depressed because of Michael's absents, Bigoodee and his sisters' background are explored further and characters who played small roles in Season One are now front and center and are fleshed out. change is Reutimann's inks. In Season One, they were light, thin and at times, a bit sketchy. Now, Reutimann's inking is more bolder, thicker and confident than before. He's also working with a lot more blacks than before and there's more of a noirish feel and look than Season One had. There some beautiful panels here. Also, his a lot delicate when portraying his characters. He's always been great at conveying the emotions and personalities of his characters, but more so now than before.

District 14: Season Two is a smart, fleshed out and mature sophomore release to their explosive and robust Season One. Gabus & Reutimann show a high level of confidence in where they want to take their story and characters and you see that confidence when you read District 14: Season Two. District 14: Season Two has been scheduled to come out on January of next year, so be on the look out for it. For this is a comic that's in line for comic for the year for 2014.

District 14: Season 2 is published by Humanoids | $39.95 | ISBN:  9781594650598

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