Thursday, October 8, 2015

Podcast Friday


Hey everyone, and welcome to the first podcast curating on Podcast Friday--a name in progress. 


I come across, I think, interesting content while web surfing and I want to share that content with as many people as possible. 

I don't know how I'm going to present the content. Will I do just a quote with a short review? Maybe a short review and synopsis? Or synopsis and quote? Or just some juicy quotes? For now quotes for podcasts and long-form. It'll change in the next one and it'll be interesting to see how it evolves.


"The view is magnificent... And just as sinister as it is magnificent. Sinister because this is the perfect terrain; the perfect country for mortar attacks."
The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Corporal Michael A. Baronowki 
"A Buddha...Because he's neutral. If we threw Christ up, he's controversial. Everyone's got a deal about him. Buddha, no one seems to be perturbed, in general, about a Buddha."
He's Neutral
"There are some people that write to Edith Piaf and ask her to help them cure themselves from rheumatism and arthritis. In their hearts and mind, she has become more than a legend. She has become a saint."
The Nights of Edif Piaf 
"That's the Catholic bus stop. This is where, this is where the Prots get on the bus, and this is where the Catholics get on the same bus. We actually had different bus stops, but we used the same bus. It is madness. But it's normal, and that's the really sad part."
Child of Ardoyne
"He's singing to me. And he takes my hand, and he puts it on his chest."
"Fuckin' A! Fuckin' A!. Fuckin'. A! Producer put that one in your book."
"By the end of the song, we're both crying."
"I got ya....I may be a pirate, but I am a big baby too."

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