Friday, October 16, 2015

Podcast FRIDAY!


T-t-t-time for another podcast Friday! In which I share individual episodes of podcasts I thought caught my ears.

I decided to same format like last time. I enjoy just displaying quotes because they serve a purpose of telling you what to expect while having an air of mystery, imo.
We got magazines, taped them to our bodies. So that hopefully our organs wouldn't get penetrated when we got stabbed. I got two socks and put two DD-batteries inside them; the big batteries. To use that as a cosh. To use that as a club.  

I could say, "Screw you all. Fuck you guys." I mean this society has brutalized me. They have hurt me, and I carry the wounds. But yet, I give to them every day. I give them all I got. Um. It's the way it is.
An American Life

Reported that her German Shepard have been killed during the night. The dog had been torn to pieces and dragged over twenty-five feet at the end of its chain. The only evidence authorities could find around the body were hoof prints.
The Devil on the Roof

One of the first things he said to me over the phone was, "Barry, your voices are real." And I'll never ever ever forget that feeling. It was the first time anybody had ever accepted that my voices were real.
Barrie's Mental Tempest

My favorite place in the whole world would have to be the Big Prawn. And I said where's that. And she said it's in Ballina. And she said it was her favorite place because I was conceived there. 
Big Prawn

Wanted each member to get a bomb shelter. So each family within the or each member within the cult had their own particular space. Or haven I guess. I think it's primarily she wanted more money for herself.
Dark Karma

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